Summer Cast And Blast, Sort Of...


Idiot Savant
I know that we who like to shoot smooth bores are spread to the four winds. Ferndale to Spokane to who knows where down south. With that in mind I wonder if there's a place where we could meet up to fish and shoot some clay birds during the summer. Nothing comes to my small, confused mind at the moment so I throw it out to the experts...yeah, that's you guys...:D

Girly guns are welcome too....:rolleyes:

Upton O

Blind hog fisherman
Sounds like fun. I'm not sure where we'd do it, but I'm in providing this summer's company (Vietnam buddies) visit doesn't conflict. If I bring my "little girlie gun" 28 gauge you guys would end up in a fight over who gets to shoot it next. You wait and see. Do any of the Cast and Blast folks ever shoot at Pamona in Selah? Is there still a trap club in Ellensburg? Those are fairly easy to get to, I guess it depends on the location of the majority of participants and availability of a range. Ft. Lewis (Joint Base Lewis Mcchord now) is the best place to shoot in the state in my opinion. If there is interest I can call the range master and see what we can do. Access can be a small but manageable pain in the ass but worth it. They have lots of fun shotgun games and they also have sporting clays shoots once a month on a good course in the woods. Five or six guys shooting sporting clays and then some wobble skeet, that might be fun. I got on idea for the fishing, let's think about it.
Pomona is going down hill. have not been out there as they took all the fun away by adding shot rules and would not allow any fun shoting games to take place. The klingeles have been turning that into a private club getting rid of the people they do not like.
That being said, does anyone shoot at pamona still?
I agree with Upton O that Joint Base Lewis McChord offers a great place to blast some clays. I'll send you a PM with a good choice of water to cast a fly to make it into a real cast and blast outing.
Great idea Rick, I'd be up for that. If you guys want to do an "Island Cast & Blast" we could also do one here on Whidbey sometime. The south end gun club has trap, skeet, and continental trap on Thursdays and those plus a five stand on Sundays. We could fish Lone in the morning and then hit the range in the afternoon. It about a mile and a half down the road from Lone.