Summer fishing in lakes

What do they eat? Does anyone know what they are eating? Took a nice one about two weeks ago in a previous post but nada since. I would think a very deep fly maybe a leech pattern or maybe some damsels although they aren't as deep. I watched a very dedicated fly fisherman on Lake Sixteen today for about three hours and didn't see any action. I worked the water myself with a micro-leech about a foot off the bottom with no luck.. IMOP they are probably just sucking in the tiny green scud likes things that I find in their bellies or else the microsopic chiro larvae.


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I kind of agree with Trout Master on this one. Unless the lake you are fishing is a deep one I wouldn't go fish it unless you like to eat fish. They tend to get soft and stressed out real easy on these warm lakes. In facy I have put away the float tube until they start cooling off.



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If you want to fish lakes do it at night or even better fish up in the moutains. Lakes such as Leech and Lost are good bets as they have colder water temps with their higher elevation. The hatches are delayed there as well and the fish have to feed more as there opportuinity to do so is shorter than lowland lakes.

Bring chronomids, thin mint leeches, damsels (both adult and nymph), and some pheasant tails and hares ears.

Pay attention to you retrieve. Vary your retrieve before you switch flies. Half the time its the retrieve that does it.

Also be on the lookout for callebaetis and caddis. :thumb:


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I fish that lake a lot and it sucks in the summer, at least flyfishing for trout. You can try scuds deep if you want, or the chiro thing, but it gets too boring waiting in between strikes. But you do have the option of fishing for the bass in there. That lake in my opinion is the nicest bass fishing lake I know. Try fishing black, or purple cone head bunny tail leeches on the outside of the pads, if the bass aren't on the bottom they'll be suspended at about seven feet or so in the lake. Later in the evening, like right about now, after let's say 7:30 switch to surface deer hair bugs or poppers, fish em right in the pads in towards shore. On a good evening you can hook up with dozens of nice bass, most will be from 6-12 inches with some bigger, and the ocassional lunker. Every time I've been there I've hooked at least one that would be in the 4 pound or bigger range, and a couple that were really big. If you've never fished bugs and poppers for bass your'e missing out on some sweet action. Don't use small flies or poppers use BIG! Tie em up on size 2 hooks, that way with the bigger hook gaps you won't hook the little 4 inch bass, which there's bazillions in there, (if you don't believe that try using a size 8 black wooley bugger on the outside of the pads!)
But enough of the bass talk, wait about two months and when the first cool rains fall in late sept or early october hit it for the trout, as soon as that lake turns over in the fall the trout start feeding like mad and they'll be a few inches bigger than what they are now anyway.
Which lake are you talking about with bass? The lost lake I'm talking of has no bass in it , Only Brooikes and Trips and a few dollies/Bulls in it.


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Well it wasn't me! I think the big bass have been eating the little cutts in that lake, so I've been getting a little payback once in awhile. ;) Mmmmm, fried bass fillets and hush puppies with honey mustard.