Summer on the Yak


Evan Virnoche

They look nice.

Remember hopper dropper hopper hopper dropper is the next level guide ish

Pat Lat

Mad Flyentist
Hook-#12 glo bug
callibaetis uv ice dub
stack the moose mane and clip of just the skinny part

tie them to the hook in this order
foam-dubbing-foam-hackle-moose mane-whip finish--brown marker for the stripe--super glue to kink the legs.
Have fun with it, use different colors and shapes. they look so buggy I dont think that matters that much, but they sure look cool.

As for the other patterns I will be using on the yakima , I want to think outside of the norm and try to stumble upon something great. So if I fish the lower canyon much I think I will try some mice this summer. Also, I have a snake pattern snake pattern might find its way to the end of my line. This of course will probably only happen when the usual dry flies arent producing


Canyon Lurker
iv'e been hatching some plans to try for some big cutthroat on mice this year. ive tied a couple up and they look even better than the one store bought one i got.


Canyon Lurker
Derek, you just made my night. iv'e been dreamin of big cutties and mice lately after watching Eastern Rises. the hemorrhoidol mouse looks like a good one.