Sun, warm temps and gobblers o'plenty

Itchy Dog

Some call me Kirk Werner
On opening day 3 of us took 4 longbeards. Weather was calm, mild (daytime highs in the mid 60's). The birds were really fired up and there were lots of them.

Oh, and this was a year ago, by the way.

Charlie S

Confrimed Reprobate
Nice birds. About two weeks ago I had six gobblers within 30 feet with a full shotgun. But, the law only allows one gobbler per day here in CA, which is OK with me. I've probably shot 15 to 20 in the past two weeks with my camera, all within gun and many within bow range. That's what encouraged me to take out the bow this morning. I'll be guiding and calling for a friend on Tuesday, hopefully he can get one with his bow.