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    I tied some prototypes for this pattern when I was happy with the new 'Sunburst' color of Spey hackle I was working on. I wanted something to combine the Suburst color with Copper. I sent the prototypes out to a few customers. One of them was a nice young man who only fishes one pattern, ever. For some reason when he got to the Dschutes that day he could not resist lacing the prototype to the end of his leader. 2 hours later he had 5 Steelies to the beach and was a 2 fly pattern man. You can vary the look and feel of this fly by switching between Dubbing, Silk-Berlin Wool, and Silk Floss for the body.

    Sunburst Spey by Jack Cook
    Thread – black
    Tag – Embossed Copper
    Body – Black Iridescent Dubbing, Silk-Berlin Wool, or Silk
    Rib – Embossed Copper
    Spey Hackle – Sunburst
    Throat – Natural Guinea
    Wing – Bronze Mallard

    Roll up a few of these for your winter fishing.


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