Sunday Spey Casting: Skagit MOW Tips & Charles St. Pierre!

Sunday, May 23, Charles St. Pierre will be at Sunday Spey Casting. Along with a full assortment of Sage Rods, he will have the new Rio Skagit MOW Tips.

Skagit MOW Tips are dynamic new tips that makes casting sink tips exceptionally easy to cast, and also give anglers far more precision in depth control.

The MOW tip concept is simple; keep the tip length the same, regardless of how long the sinking section is. The majority of MOW tips are 10 ft long and feature a combination of floating and sinking line that gives anglers the greatest depth control. The six tips are as follows:

1. 10 ft floating tip
2. 7.5 ft of floating line seamlessly integrated into 2.5 ft of sinking tip
3. 5 ft of floating line seamlessly integrated into 5 ft of sinking tip
4. 2.5 ft of floating line seamlessly integrated into 7.5 ft of sinking tip
5. 10 ft level sinking tip.
6. 12.5 ft level sinking tip

Each tip features RIO’s new skinny welded loop in both ends for the easiest and fastest rigging.

Sound interesting? Well - come on out and join Mike Kinney, AATF, and Charles St. Pierre next Sunday, May 23 to check them out!