Indi "Ira" Jones
Dude I wish. If I could I would, but I can't. Good luck! You may not have as much competition at Pass because some guys may not be willing to drive from the South to make it up there.

Jeff Dodd

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Lone had only 2 fishermen today that I saw. I plan to fish Sunday also and my buddy Greg will also be on the water with his brother. I will look for you Nick in case you come south.

Have fun whatever direction you swing ;-p

Jeff Dodd

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Tomorrow will be my first day on the water in 3 weeks.... not many people out on the lake either, so we will see tomorrow!

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I just got back from Lone this evening. Fished about 3 hours and only managed 2 fish. Both were quality one though. A 18 and 20 inch. The fish are still deep, saw no surface action and the wind was bad at times. One came on the Camo Carey and a full sink, the other on my krystal flash snow cone under a bobber.


Jeff Dodd

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Fishing never got hot for me at Lone today. Scratched out 6 fish in six hours but I lost a few and missed several. Saw some large trout landed today. My first fish was about 20 inches and very healthy. Water was 61 degrees and the hatches sputtered all day. I found d very little surface activity.

Here is a nice fish Islander landed just as I was headed for home. Great day fishing alongside Steve, aka Islander.

Not crowded. In fact most people left around noon. My largest fish came on a Drunken Dragon.

Nice fish! I fished hard at Pass until I was too wet and cold to continue. It was slow, slow, slow for me. Picked up a few trolling lost a few, and missed a handful of strikes. Just never could get anything going. Seemed common with those I spoke to and saw.

Was nice to see you out there, Brian. Too bad we weren't better rewarded for braving that weather. Hopefully it turned on for you after I left. I debated hard which way to turn after I got off the ferry. Perhaps I should have turned right and joined Jeff and Steve instead.