sunriver fishing report 07/14/05

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    Mar 22, 2005
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    fished east lake during the callibaetis and damsel fly hatch, there were fish jumping everywhere i hooked 2 little rainbows. if you plan to fish this lake make sure to take $5 to pay for day use parking, i almost never got to fish was it not for $5 worth of change lying around my car.

    the fall river sucked...i did all the right things the guys at the fly store told me and not even a sniff...there was a hatch of some sort (i think tiny midges because the pa's and caddis recommended where not working) at dusk.....i got molested by mosquitoes make sure to take bug spray.....

    i fished east lake again was too windy for the callibaetis hatch to take off and to hold steady in my tube...i still caught 2 small rainbows fishing a callibaetis nymph and my first a callibaetis fly with a floating line.....

    this is some amazing country with great options for fly fishing i think you have to fish each place a few times to get it down....

    thats all a very itchy bbb