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My name is Mark Oberg
Hi, Great forum for flyfishing. I live near longbeach washington out on the peninsula, is there a lake or river near there I can fly fish for silvers or trout.I am new to the area.


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The Naselle River gets a run of silvers. Make sure to check the regulation book before heading out. I don't know of any lakes in your area to fish for trout. Good luck
There are a couple of small lakes near Naselle. They are called the "Radar Ponds". I have fished these a few times while staying down at the coast. They are near the Naselle youth prison or work camp (whatever that place is) on the road to Long Beach. Turn in there and instead of going right to the camp, go straight. The road turns to dirt right away. About 2 miles up there is a right turn take that then there are two lakes down that road. I have caught many small trout and a couple in the 16-18" range in there. I've also hear that the Bear River has some sea run cutthroat in it, but that is just rumor, I've never fished that river.