Switch Rod Build - Meiser?

Just moved to WA last March. Until a few months ago, I had never even heard of a "switch rod". I like the concept. I fished a TFO switch rod out of a DB on the Klickitat in August. I want to add a switch rod to my arsenal and I am going to build it.
My question is this: I have done some research and I think I am leaning toward a RB Meiser 11 ft. 7/8 wt. switch rod kit. But, since I have next to zero switch rod experience, I am looking for advice on what blank and kit you guys have experience with and would recommend.
Looking at the Meiser web site, it seems to be a good choice.

Any thoughts and/or opinions?



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The rod is a total Peach to cast; you'll love it. You can obviously save $$$$ with a DIY, but where this gets a bit hairy (2-hander) is properly building/sanding down the 'double handle' unless you have/have access to a lathe on which to 'turn same.' The actual wrapping of the guides is just time consuming.


I've never cast a peach before. How does it compare to an apple?

Timely thread because I'd like to have Tyler build a rod for me and that's the blank I was looking at. My other 2 handers are long rods. Not sure I could adjust my stroke to make that work.
Same as i`m thinking.Talk to Bob Meiser first.He is a real gent.
As afr as the handle goes,I`m gonna get a batson switch handle.
It comes with an aluminun handle for $50 [anglers habitat]
I`m going to use fuzi alconite/t&t chrome snakes.
Should cost around $250 for a high quality switch rod.Can`t beat that...
I started with a batson switch to get most the mistakes out of the way
Good Luck
ps Meiser can help with the appropriate line too-VERY important


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I've never cast a peach before. How does it compare to an apple?

Oooooo, darned good question there. Somewhat like casting an Apple vs. a Pear. Bulk pretty much the same, weight ... close to same, profile quite different. 'One Man's meat is an .....'