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    Feb 26, 2003
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    My original post is below and I think I need to broaden my request. What I am after is a trade for either a Sage 389-5 SP(675.00 new) or a T&T 864-4 Horizon(565.00 new)both are in supurb condition (pictures avail.) for a comparable 7wt or 8wt 9'-9'6" rod. I would accept a min. of a 3pc but would prefer a 5pc rod. I have the Sage tube, bag, and pack case(cost me another 55.00, included if you have a case like this for yours) for the SP, and the tube and bag for the T&T. There are a couple of reels that that can go if you have a combo to trade. One is a Lamson Litespeed 1.5(255.00) and the other a Lamson LP1.5(195.00) W/ an extra spool(95.00).The reels would have a S.A. Mastery series line and backing to match the rod selected. I'm trying to come up with a rod that I can dedicate as a saltwater rod, so thats where my RPLXI preferance comes in. I have a Sage 3400D already, and would accept a spare spool for it as trade if you don't have a reel. I am open to all offers and would even cash out on one of these, but I need to come up rod in the end anyway. This little guy at the end looks just like my wife every time I say that I NEED another rod or reel. Why can't we have everything, isn't more always better? :TSKTSK
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.