Tahsis BC-08

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    Got invited to spend a couple of days on the West side of Vancouver Island. What a treat. It was like going back home. First day was overcast and light rain with the barometer dropping. Moderate rain that night followed by high pressure, clearing sunny and a wind change. It took some time to get my sea legs, and I must confess was a bit queezy in the moring both days. No hurling though. We fished off shore about 3 to 7 miles in 4 to 8 ft swell. Pretty normal I would guess for summer weather.

    It was slow for Kings, but the Coho were a gas. Not many crab in the pots but each day we were able to get a good size bowl or shrimp. What a way to end the day. Fresh prawns, cold beer and cribbage.

    Tahsis is a very nice fishing village, set deep in the fiords of Vancouver Island. At 20 knts we were in open water in about 1 hour. Special closure regulations had the inside waters closed for retention of most salmon.

    Other photos in the gallery.

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    Looks like a good time!