Take your kids fishing!

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    The best idea is to take the kids fishing! We headed for a high lake about two or three miles off the end of a rough track requiring four wheel drive. Had a terrific hike and returned from the too-shallow fishless lake about three-thirty. The chevy started fine, but when I dropped it into drive, nothing! After several tries, I realized we were stuck. I checked the time and realized that my oldest son, a miler and cross-country runner in his junior year of high school, had just barely enough time to jog the seven or eight miles to the main gravel forest service road, hopefully catch a ride the remaining ten miles to the highway, get to the nearest town another seven miles away, and catch the only tow service before they closed. Simple!
    Well, about six-thirtyish here comes the tow truck. Yep, my brains and my kid's brawn did the trick. So the truck driver walks over and says "lets take a look" or some technical investigative comment like it. "Hey buddy" says the mechanical genius, "did you notice the transfer case shift lever was in neutral? I said "Aaaahhhhh" or something equally intelligent.
    So, haven't been able to get the kids to go fishin' again, but that little trick can work at least once!
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    Nice! I'll try that with my 9 year old daughter. I'll need to come up with a different excuse though... I already know how to work my 4 wheel drive ;)