Talking marine worms....

On that same note, what's the trick to fishing the worms? I'm curious if you retrieve them the same as you would a bait fish pattern or slower, short tugs... Are there conditions that work better than others? Any tips would be most appreciated. I tried fishing a worm pattern last week for the first time, but to no avail.... Thanks.
What has been working for me is really slow smooth long strips when I'm fishing low in the water column. When I'm fishing higher in the water column I let it drift with the current and give it short quick strips every once in a while.

Chester Allen

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I have seen swarming worms in June, July and in September. I can't answer about August.

I usually fish my worm fly about as fast as I can strip it in. Those critters can swim really fast, and I tend to get more strikes on the fast strip. That said, I've also seen times when just letting the fly swing in the current draws more strike.

I'm willing to be that a scientific survey would show that all speeds and manners of retrieves work -- but the fish change their minds with every tide.....