Taneum Creek

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    Everyone seems to want to find a small stream reasonably close to Seattle with good fishing. Have fished Taneum Creek two or three times each summer for the last twelve years and have yet to be dissapointed. The stream is spring fed so water levels hold up all summer. Most of the water is knee deep. The Feds and the Irrigation District have been doing some stream work to create good habitat. Spent a couple hours fishing the stretch above and below Taneum Campground this weekend and caught a dozen or so each day. Most fish were 6-10 inches. #12-14 Elk Hair Caddis and Yellow Humpies worked for me. I fished a 7 foot 3 weight with a 7 foot 5X leader to stay under the tree canopy. Keep your casts short and your profile down and expect to lose lots of flies in the pine trees and brush. There are several places to hit the river: Taneum Campground, Shadow Creek Road Bridge, Forest Road 3330 bridge, and the Forest Road 3300 Bridge (where the North and South Forks of Taneum creek meet). If you feel like hiking and have a forest service permit you can park along Forest Road 33 and walk into the headwaters of the North Fork. With some sleuthing you can reach some beaver ponds on the South fork.

    To get to the creek take I-90 east. Take the Taneum Creek Exit between CleElum and Thorp and follow the signs.
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    I might be old---but I'm good.

    Have also fished there,but not that high up usually below that first campground. I learned about it from a fly shop one summer and have fun every time I went there. So thanks for the write up,will use it but don't know when. Hard to get away.