Tarboo Lake

I just ventured out to tarboo lake in jefferson county. I floated it for about 2 or 3 hours with no such luck. Just thought i would try it before it closes cause it is one of the last lakes open around here. If anyone has been out to it or any good ideas that would be great. Also what all is in there. I heard of some cutts being in there and the regs say landlocked salmon? I dont know
Yea i already read the lake description...was looking to see if anyone had personal experience....we are going on the boat for blackmouth wednesday patriot...bring me gas money and coffee...

Jim Wallace

Smells like low tide.
I fished it once during mid Sept. Couldn't connect with any trout, although some powerbaiters got a couple at the boat ramp. Was pretty deep out in the middle.
I did catch and release a couple small largemouth bass working the logs along the shoreline. Olive and brown wooly buggers. Some ancient gnarly guy showed up and started roping poppers for bass out of a small dinghy. He said the fishing was slow, but he liked to go after the small bass with poppers...sometimes got one about 11" or 12" but most were smaller. the ones I got were about 6"-7".


Left handed Gemini.
Yes once there used to be landlocks planted but it was many years ago I have doubts that any remain, yes there are rainbows and cutts. the state stocks the lake every year but its mostly a put and take fishery but with the depth and excellent shoreline there easily could be some holdovers of good size there. I would suggest taking a look at the state stocking reports going back a few years see what has been put in there and then decide if you want to spend the time learning the lake which will most likely take some investment on your part to enjoy real success. There are a couple of year round lakes in that area that at times fish well one is pretty tough its deep also and has received plants of mostly trips. for the last few years, the other is easier and has a split season changing from selective to bait, check the regs. you'll find them.
Yea been hitting teal pretty good but i know that lake pretty well now. I used to go to leland before i flyfished. But i heard reports it had kind of craped out lately cause of algea stuff. Guess i will have to take pontoon out and explore those two a little. Anymore ideas or experiences from anyone is still welcome. I will give a report soon.