Trip Report Tasty Sea Spiders


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Crabbing has been pretty ridiculous the last couple months.

First trip, had 70 keepers in two pulls through 10 pots in 1.5 hours, could only keep 48, had to turn back the rest.

Second trip, had our 36 crab in 45 minutes, didn't even get through the nine pots once, and had to turn loose another 20+ keepers. I hit my new record this day for number of keeper in a trap for the shortest time soaked, 13 keepers in 1 danielson trap that was in the water for 45 minutes (last trap we pulled, they all went back in the ocean).

Yesterday was a little more work, but the crab where a little bigger. Had 39 keepers in 1 pull through 10 pots in 45 minutes, took a couple more hours to get the rest to make the 60 total we could keep.

Best on low slack tide, in 5 to 10 feet of water at our little Oregon bay.

13 keepers in this trap: