Teardrop Trailer

Here is a teaser Ron. I need to take more pics of the galley and inside the cabin. They will come later.

Lets see the little black box on the left side is the AC/DC converter. On the right side there is a pull out shelf which can hold my coleman stove. Under this shelf is another pullout drawer which can hold bulk items. That brown box on the right side of the main counter holds my silverware drawer which pulls out to the side. The cooler pulls out for opening. I have yet to decide where everything will ride during transit. I also plan on adding a small table which will attach to the side of the trailer.


Jerry Daschofsky

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Ok, if you go to camp-cook.com I do believe they have a sister link to a teardrop trailer site. I know alot of the people on there have them. Can't find the other site. It has a TON of them on there, but can't seem to find it.

Ed Call

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Nice work Mike, great hatch back, slide out stove table and very good interior finishing. You should be spending a lot of nights between fishing outings in that baby. What does the misses think?

Rob Ast

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Mike, did you think about raising the mattress off the floor? Seems like it might give better insulation as well as provide a storage area.
Let's see. Yes it is built out of plywood. The floor is 1/2 inch plywood. The right and left sides are 3/4" A/C plywood. The front and top is a sandwich constrution. Luan + 1x2" spars + luan. The spars are spaced 10" apart. Foam insulation is placed between each spar.

The underside of the floor is covered with asphalt paint to act as an undercoating. I placed a indoor/outdoor carpet on the floor below the matress. I had considered a raised platform and dismissed it. Instead I built a 12x12x5' box to hold some of my gear.

Any builder could design their TD to their own specs