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so I have been trying my luck at the PNP and only have been able to attract the 12 -15" coho despite all attempts. I began my FF by targeting SRC's and since have became very confident with my techniques for attracting them. My question is if you are using a bait fish pattern ie: clouser, then is there any difference in the techniques that you might use to get a SRC to strike than that of say an ocean run coho of good size? When I go to PNP, I am targeting the waters that set up nice flow/rips and that would fish nicely for SRC. I assume that these type of waters would be where the big coho are to be found as well? am I way off in my thinking? I have yet to find any luck on the fly for these big fish that keep being posted on this site and have started to questioning my techniques.


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I'm sure technique and fly choice definitely come in to play, but for the most part the guys that are posting pictures of lots of fish do so because they hit the beach a lot. For weekend warriors (like me) who only get to fish the beach 1-2 times per week at the most (sometimes once every couple weekends) then it just comes down to chance on whether you're there when the fish are there, the fish are feeding, the current is good, the weather, bait, etc, etc. The more you hit the beach the better chance you have to be there when conditions are favorable.

If you're hitting the beach a lot and everyone else is hooking up (including fly guys) and you're getting nada, THEN you might have a technique concern.
^ This is solid thinking in my book.

Putting in the time and being there at the right time is half the battle IMO. Keep pounding the beaches as much as you can, it'll come together!

That said, conventional wisdom is that silvers prefer a much faster retrieve than SRC, and I've certainly seen that to be the case, however all the fish I've hooked out there this year have been on fairly moderate retrieves, so what the hell does conventional wisdom know. I tend to just vary my retrieves.... Fast, slow, erradict, strip strip pause etc.. Don't be afraid to strip right to the rod tip. Silvers are notorious for following a fly right to your feet and then pouncing. Witnessed this just the other night actually. I tend to fish a few basic flies, mostly clousers, for silvers and don't tend to change up much. IMO, having my fly in the water at the right time is far more important than having the right size/color etc... So I figure my time is better spent with my fly in the water ready to intercept a passing fish, rather than constantly changing up looking for the secret color.

Just a few thoughts...... Also, if you don't already, get in the habit of striking up conversations with other fly guys out there, and also watch the successful guys to key in on what they are doing different than others. I find fly guys I encounter out there to be very friendly and free to give advice.

I was out there today around 8am after the other ff must have left that made an earlier post of his daily catch, but as for what I witnessed there were no FF making any sort of hook ups. I saw many of the gear guys horsing fish in left and right just 30 feet from my fly. Does this come down to the idea that the coho are not feeding at this time and the gear that is being chuck their way is just pissing them off and causing them to strike? Is my clouser not annoying enough for them? If this is so, is there any way or ideas as to predict a feeding time over just a time that the fish would be around. Are they always feeding? just a few more Q's if you don't mind


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I agree about silvers liking faster water then SRC's. At times, the water can move to fast so you'll have to wait till it slows down. I also agree about putting in your time. Fish when you can. Putting in your time will allow you to learn what beaches fish best at what tides. The bite can happen at any time during a tide change. The beach you mentioned has always fished better on a outgoing tide.

Anytime a rip hits the beach, it is money time. The fish will be in the rip or on the choppy side of it in the water that is moving. I see a lot of people fishing the frog water on the inside of the rip. You can get fish there, but not nearly as often as in the rip or choppy moving water.

Another thing to look for is offshore micro rips that run parallel to shore. They won't be nearly as pronounced as a rip that comes into shore, but they hold fish and baitfish as well. Reaching them usually requires you to have your "A" casting game on. This occurs a lot in water just in front of the parking lot at the point you like to fish.

Just a couple of other things. Strip all the way into your rod tip. Sometimes you'll think they are trying to eat your rod tip rather then you fly. Many times they will track you fly for a good distance before committing right next to shore. Lastly, try starting out with a fast strip. Regardless of how fast you strip, you'll never out strip a coho intent on eating your fly. If you don't get action on the fast strip, start to vary your retrieve.

Here are a couple of pics regarding what I'm talking about. As you can tell, I didn't major in art. :D


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Nice artwork Stonefish! I don't mean to pry, but are you working on a new beach fly fishing book? Don't forget to include a chapter on your famous Clouser retrieve that has pulled so many salmon out of those micro rips over the years.


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That was me out there this morning, I was fishing the Dead water but casting out to the "micro rips" and was getting hook up's just this side of them. I'm using a ~4" clouser, tied with craft fur and a stinger hook. I like the strip, strip, strip, strip, pause technique. I agree its more important to have your fly in the water than worry about what color you have on. I pretty much only fish pink over white or chartruse over yellow clousers. They work great so why change?
Stonefish, I appreciate your time and artwork.....if i print it off can I get you to sign it! anyway thanks again and I will really work to put what advice I have received to work. I plan on fishing this location on Tuesday will anyone be out there this day. I thought maybe I could fish with someone who has some experience at this feverish game.