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Discussion in 'Watercraft' started by Darthmonkey, Mar 22, 2013.

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    a Fish Cat 10IR.
    I'm really liking this toon' being that I'm a bigger guy (around 6' 240lbs) and have been accused of floating through water I shouldn't on multiple occasions. I mostly plan on using it for floating to different runs, but not actually standing up in it to fish, like advertised. I would be carrying two rods at the most, and a boat bag + cooler in the back along with all the other necessities for a day-long float. With my size, I figure a 10 foot long pair of toons would be just about perfect for my XL arse. I do plan on fishing some still water, but the ease of finning it around should not be a top priority.
    That being said, a friend of mine who floats quite a bit is absolutely adament that the Watermaster is the best thing since the SI Swimsuit issue. I will admit that the advantages of a frameless raft are appealing, however him being a 5'8" 140lbs guy may have something to do with why he loves it so much. I myself am a little leery of dragging my ass through the water when I inevitably hit a section of rapids or a drop off.
    All this being said, tell me why I should not fear the framless raft, or that my reasoning is sound and buy the 10IR.
    Ready, set.
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    I almost bought one myself but just searching around I found a lot of poor reviews about stability. Being heavier than myself I think it would be an issue. If you go on craigslist and search pontoon in the boats category there is a nice one with a full standing platform. Not as hydrodynamic but I think it would be better for you. Cheaper as well. Just a thought.

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