Temp. repairs on rafts

I'm getting ready to splash my new cataraft for the first time and I'm wondering what you guys carry along in case temporary repairs are needed out in the field.

I have Jacks Plastics welded tubes.
aqua seal and tape. but it still takes HOURS for the aquaseal to bond well enough to hold. I had tears on my INNER bladders of my scadden this summer, and thats what Mr. Scadden reccomend I do to fix it. Works great, holds air just as well as new. You put a piece of tape INSIDE the tear to hold the ends together, and then apply the aquaseal over the cut and about 3 extra inches in radius around it. gotta wait a while for it to cure, but if you get the accelerator for it, it bonds much quicker. Would be better on a multi day float then a single day. Anything less is really ghetto rigging in my opinion, and I definitely wouldnt trust it

Ed Call

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I'd find out from Jacks what they recommend and get that. I agree with Stilly, find out what is best for a rapid repair and what is best for a better than new repair.
I've got all the good stuff for permanent repairs. I'm more concerned about finishing the float and making it back to the truck.

A search came up with Gorrilla tape and not much else