Tent Trailer Electric Brakes

Ed Call

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Question about my tent trailer's electric brakes. At very slow speeds the brake controller, even set to the lowest setting possible, still locks 'em up. This makes for a real drag and the accordian like brake, release, brake is really a harsh ride at lower speeds.

Can these things be adjusted back? If so, can the local RV place (thier hours suck so they are never open when I'm off to call) dial the activation point back or brake pressure applied down?

Thanks. Big road trip looming in two months or so...Yellowstone for the first time for each fo the four of us.

Jerry Daschofsky

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Yes, on your trailer brake you should have a secondary setting. It is a verticle lever on the side (not your brake boost nor your adjustment). What it does is keeps the brake "level". If it's not set perpendicular to the floor, will lock up your brakes (well, at least on the commercial ones I use, but my private one in my pickup is the same). Try adjusting it (should be on the side, usually can't see it looking directly at it). I know one of my coverdrivers hit it and pushed it up. Tapped my brakes and I almost went through the windshield.

Ed Call

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This is on the small LED illuminated box on the side of my center console installed by the company? I'm not sure I can visualize what you are talking about. I have the box set down to the minimum setting. I am not aware of a secondary setting. I'll take a gander at it. Thank you guys.
The control you are adjusting will not function properly until the entire "led illuminated box" is level/calibrated to the truck floor/ground. You may have to remove the outer housing cover to find the adjustment
Can you Google the mfg's instuctions or a search for "how to calibrate electric trailer brake controller"?

Some of the newer ones are "self-leveling" in which case, I got nothin' here.


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Mumbles, On my trailer the brakes themselves have an adjustment just like the ones on drum brake equipped cars. I was having the same problem, particularly up in BC where gravel roads are more prevalent. The solution was to find the offending brake that was always locking and then just back off on the adjustment till the locking stops. Hopefully you have a similar arrangement and can cure the problem with nothing more sophisticated than a brake adjuster tool.



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mumbles ,your getting good advise here either your brake controller wasn't set for right,or you have a electric brake hanging up,jack up the trailer and see if the wheels spin , if one is harder to spin than the other it's likely the brake shoes are not fully releaseing. hope you get it fixed otherwise that trip to yellowstone is going to be a long drive!!!!