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    Went and fished home water today. First time out for winters. I was swinging through the second run of the day when my line stops. Nothing. Could be a rock. No. Rock is twitching. Could be a twig, branch. No. Head shakes. Yeah. Set the hook hard. No response. Probably a hatchery. Boooooooooom!!! The fish takes off on a short but very powerful run. Cuss. I've got a backlash. Backlash cleared. The fish is not running, but is working its way downstream. Another powerfully short run and a jump. The line is oriented down, but the fish jumps right in front of me. Whoa!!! A huge slab with a red stripe running along its flank. Then all hell breaks loose. With a tightened drag, my reel starts spinning out running line. Ouch, cuss, ouch. Get your cussing hand away from the handle. Chasing the fish the length of the pool, I realize that this guy might be heading out, away, gone. Luckily, the riffle is made up in three stages: riffle, slack water; riffle, slack water; riffle, slack water. I have three chances. The fish moves into the first riffle. I'm trying to move so I can apply a cuss load of side pressure. This guy is strong. He moves out in the hard water and holds a while, but comes back. I've get my first good look at him. Can't make out an adipose, but need to get this guy in. I'm able to grab my sink tip and move him towards the slack water. I've got him now... booooom!! Another powerful run into the second riffle. Ouch. Get your hand away from the handle!!! If he gets into the third riffle he's probably gone. But that last run has taken it out of him. I steer him into the thigh deep slack water that's buffered by a downed stump. Now the part I dislike the most; grabbing the tail. A lot of fish freak out and I end up losing them; the fish never having been properly revived. But this fish is spent. The tail is grabbed and the hook comes out easy schmeasy. The fish is big and thick with a smallish adipose fin. NATIVE!!! I hold the fish in the current 'till my hands turn numb and then some. The fish starts to kick and swims off with an attitude. I hope you make it my friend.
    Hooked a second fish in another run. A committed take in fast tailout water. He ran, jumped, and came unpinned. Chrome though.
    Sorry, no pics. No camera. Fish stayed in the water. Tried to take a measurement against my rod, but I was afraid I'd lose my grip on the fish. Thanks Santa!!!!
    Oh yeah. The water was great. When I checked the gauge this morning it was just starting to rise. Water temp was 42°+ with about 31/2 feet of visibility.
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    Sounds like areat Christ mas present. Thanks for the report.