Thanksgiving birds


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I had a great holiday in Eastern Washington/Idaho. I got to have turkey day with my wife and her folks. And the next few days I got to go chase chukar and pheasant. I took home 12 chukar and 1 ringneck, what a great hunt. I won't say how many shells it took to take those birds, let's just say a few for each one...:clown:

I caped the pheasant and it's sitting in borax now curing. This winter I'll be tying six packs and careys from it. Chukar feathers are all rather grey except the ones on the sides of their breasts. They are brown and black banded and I'm going to check out how they tie up also.

We beat it back on Saturday to avoid the snow and I'm glad we did. Stevens Pass was compact snow and no ice. However they were closing the ski area and there was quite a string of cars all the way to Monroe.

Now off to the tying bench...


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Nice Blast report. Kind of makes me a little envious, given that I don't own a gun. Do you plan on dying your feathers? If so, what is your favorite method?


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What area did you hunt? I live in Eastern Washington and thought it kind of looked like the farmland that is just south of Lake Roosevelt. Nice job.

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Looks like you got into some flatland chukar, eh? What's the little double gun your carrying there? I have an older Beretta S685 with 26" barrels that I pull out on occasion. Love that gun for upland work.
"...12 chukar and 1 ringneck..." damn boy, you nailed 'em!! That dog on point in picture #2 doesn't look like a poodle though. Does she know you been cheating on her?


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Sean, I was hunting north of Rockford, close to the Idaho border.

Itchy, that's a Browning Citori Upland, 24" tubes, quick little 12 bore...:thumb:

Jim, Sasha has no idea that I was "with another dog". :clown: That's Wesley, he belongs to Ron Olmstead who owns the Double Barrel Ranch. Wesley was a Trials dog that never made top honors, but he sure finds birds. We had a great time hunting. I picked Ron's brain on gun dogs and tried my best to knock down what Wes found.

The chukar were planted, but the ringneck was a wild bird. The chukar were really moving around and three had already coveyed up by the time we got to the fields.

Brian, if you ever want to try some trap shooting, let me know, I've got a spare that you're welcome to shoot. But I warn you it's as addictive as flyfishing.

Ceviche, I've never dyed feathers, how's it done???

Here's some photo's I snapped after the hunt...


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Roper thanks for sharing...I finally got out after being here 7 years! Got a ring neck at the BP release site northwest of Ferndale. Anyway your post brings back some good memories of home, and hunting with my uncle and his dog Kain. We would hunt a place that released chukar and pheasants...chukar are awesome, I loved that they flew so damn fast and low unlike pheasant which seem to fly straight up for a second or two and then out.
Excellent report Roper and nice shoot'n!

I was in NM hunting quail for Thanksgiving and it was warm! Hunted one day and harvested 15 quail on my Grandpas place and my shooting sucked! We hunted gambels quail and these little buggers like to tuck in the mesquite bushes which does a number on your legs if your not wearing chaps :beathead: Some bushes we came across a flock of doves would flush followed by a covey of quail. There were doves everywhere but season was closed and didn't open back up til Dec 1st :beathead:

It was great to get out and chase birds saw one rooster and of course season was closed on those as well...

My primo is suppose to send some pics I'll post them when I get em.

The Double-Barrel is a first class ranch!!! I hunted there last year with an older gent from work. I'm heading out there this February too...Wesley is a great dog and I'm sure he's learned a lot since I've been there. Is Lucy still roaming around?


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wildatheartphoto said:
Is Lucy still roaming around?
White and liver GSP? I saw one back at the "shack" after the hunt.

I'm eager to return also, maybe this time with my new 28 bore for chukar.
Cool report, nice pics too! I've always wanted to get into upland bird hunting. Are there any books or online resources you know of that would be a good starting point? I've done some searching, but it usually brings up a guide service. Maybe a guide would be a good starting point?


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Nathan, have you done any bird hunting at all? If not, a good starting point is at the trap range. Get used to shooting a shotgun first. See if it even interests you, then look at booking a hunt with a guide or someone with some years of experience.
Nope, never bird hunted. I hunted deer as a kid with my Dad, but always wanted to bird hunt. I actually just made arrangements with my Dad and Brother to go shoot trap on Christmas Eve day. Thanks for the advice.