Thanksgiving Sea runs!


Mark Steudel
Got the opportunity to fish for an hour or so on Thanksgiving. I've never really done much SRC fishing, but since my in-laws live on the salt I brought all my gear over. I ended up using my switch rod and practicing my spey casts as well. Had some great luck:

Now I'm hooked. I'm thinking about hitting the hood canal this month soon. My question is should I plan to just hit the beaches on foot, or should I take my watermaster with me.

Scott Salzer

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The water master would provide the opportunity to cover a lot more water, but, depending on the tides, getting back is another matter. It really doesn't take much current to make it hard to kick/paddle against. I have been out in my Outcast and couldn't even hold my own with oars.

I would prefer the wade option, in my opinion.



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I've never fished from a watermaster so I can't comment on how easy it is to row - especially against a tide and tide current. I used to float my pram along a section of beach in Puget Sound and time it for a couple hours till tide change then ride the current back. Might be worth a try but still a lot of variables with wind being a big one.

I've fished both the Canal and Sound wading and from a boat. A boat sure opens up a lot more opportunity.
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Mark Steudel
Yeah I wasn't sure if fishing from a water master was going to be more work that it was worth ... maybe I'll throw it in and if it seems like wind and tides are in my favor I'll use it, otherwise I'll leave it in the car.


Mark Steudel
nice vid. what software did you use? I use the gopro software editor but can't get smooth slomo like yours. any advice? thanks
Oh yeah I used a combo of stuff. First off you have to shoot at a higher fps (frames per second) than the default. I was shooting at 120fps at 1080p. Then I imported it to phone, where I trimmed the clips down and used the iphone interface to set where I wanted the slow mo shots. Then I imported each of those smaller clips into imovie on the phone.