the bite is on!


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When I was kid, growing up back there, we used big 8'- 81/2 ft glass fly rods, 7 or 8 wt (by todays standards), 'cuase that was what was available at the hardware store. Level floating lines that didnt float all that well. If it was a fly, it was either a popper/slider, a rubber leg foam spider, or maybe a wooley worm. But most often, live bait in the form of meal worms.

Were I to do it today, it would be a 7ft 3 wt and a box of bead head nymphs. For Bass or crappies, & more open water, a 9ft 4/5 wt. Or maybe this old Sage 9' 3wt RP. That thing will sling a 6 wt shooting head a country mile.:D If I did it often enough, an intermediate line for sure. Maybe some type III & VI heads as well. And then I've got this little 4 ft Kencore ultra lite spinning rod and a couple of old Garcia Mitchell reels that would be the cat's meow for pulling crappies out of flooded trees....

Now Carp, that's another story. ;)
I left the worms behind one time and had some old trout flies in the tackle box, so what the hack.
I caught more bream and crappie that day and I never used worms again.
Royal coachman, red and black ants, gray hackle yellows, all good flies for bream.


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C'mon Troutman-any 8 year old can catch bluegill on a bobber and a worm! What else have ya got? Bluegill are some of the most fun ever on a fly rod.



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The 'Gill bite is on in N.Idaho as well. I went to a local lake yesterday in 20mph winds and caught 20+ on my 5wt. Great fighters. Some are in the fridge waiting on some cornmeal tonight. Hoping to get some Crappie but only caught 3 small ones.