The change in the lakes

OK, a little turn back in time, 1967, pass lake, fly only, got one at 16 inch. Trophty at that time. We ate it. 1972, spent my whole one week vacation fishing pass lake with the take of 5 fish per day over 12 inches. I had the holding pen which everyone had at the time. Caught about four pounds per day with those figures. We ate them all, hungry back then. LOL

All the trout were caught with the lowly chiro,

Then in 1973 I put in a crayfish pot and it nearly sent my son over the edge of the boat. We had a feed that night. This was back then and now I can't figure out how the bait fish have been introduced into the lake?

Another one is Lake Sixteen, I was born fishing this one and now there is Bass.

Lake Sixteen has an inlet stream that use to produce trout that would make your rods bend but the realtors forgot that point.

Just venting,

There are a lot of lakes and streams that can be added to your list.

It makes me cringe to think of what it will be like 40 years from now!


Old Man

Just an Old Man
At one time bait fish were used as bait. And when one was thru at the end of the day of fishing,one just threw what was left in the lake expecting them to be eaten. NOT.

Yes, I remember fishing Lake 16 and catching nothing but Cutts and Rainbows. And that is one of the reasons that I don't go back

I guess that the good old boys decided to introduce bass to trout only lakes because they got tired of driving long distances to fish for them. Bass that is. And don't say that it isn't done because I know or used to know I person that did just that. Took the bass out of one small lake and put them in another one.:( :(