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    Apr 20, 2009
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    well fellow fly tiers and fly fishers, i was a little board last night and this morning so i sat down and tied my first five or so flies (if you look in the fly tying forum youll see them). then ed tells me i should quit tying and just go fish them... i had lots of hits but only landed a few. there was a slight spot of sun, you could see about 3-4 feet into the water, and not to much wind. it was a simple wooley worm that i tied that was catching all the fish. most people fish the first of the 2 lakes on the bangor base but the second lake puts more fish out because there not use to seeing any lure or bait. it was like being given the highest achievment when i got done. for those who have not tied flies but fish, you should try catching a fish on a fly that you spent a little time on. i know these fish arent the biggest but i thought i would just post them. hope i can get out a little this weekend.