The large dark shadows kept coming

I was unnerved by the constant large dark shadows cruising around my toon… Almost everywhere I went, everywhere I looked, they were there cruising just under the surface… around and around. CARP!

It is possible to get them to bite a fly when not rooting in the mud on the flats? I suppose they were focused on the mating ritual; but, I REALLY would like to catch one of those beauties!

Any suggestions for catching these?
My brother and I were fishing Lake Cambell in Island county and dicovered large groups of big carp that seemed to be sunning themselves. We found a shallow cove that was filled with HUNDREDS of big pigs! We were fishing small perch imatations got lots of followers and a few bites, two hookups but no fish landed.
Getting tired of the followers I decided to try a larger minnow and got results on the second cast. I was large and fought well. I was 24" long and I estimated it at 7#s but it weighed 9! They are very stout indeed. It bullied by 3x tippet and made some long runs so next time I'll give them 2x and more attention when they are present.
We had to leave because it was the end of a long day chasing trout and we had worn out my 8 year old neice very nicely before we sighted them.
Hope this works for you too!