The life cycle of a 12y/o fly fisherman.

John Hicks

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Well, I did it. I took my nephew down out and bought him his first fly rod. The rod and reel were $20 dollars. The line was a left over 6wt line I had laying around. We spent a few hours practice casting. The roll cast and a....well....somewhat overhand cast were in the books. After all this we headed down to the river. Lot's of frustration on Dereks part due to the fact that we were fishing the Davidson. This river skunks some of the most experienced fishermen. I managed one 15 inch fat brown right at dark with a size 8 stimulator splatted against a logjam. After that it was time to cook dinner and get some sleep. The next morning we woke up and Derek was down at the water (my kind of fishing buddy). Who needs breakfast when the browns are still prowling the flats. I started on the breakfast idea and Derek was busy casting away. Then it happened, Derek yelled for me to come down to the river. By the time I had a chance to run to the water he had already beached the brown and was going crazy trying to control the fish. After removing the hook and giving a lesson on fish management we had a pic or two and it was all over. I have to say this has been the most rewarding weekend of fishing I have ever had.

p.s. don't let your 12y/o nephew watch TBDiaries or bad things happen.

It all begins with a cheap fly rod and a little time. :thumb:

Getting the roll cast down with a good drift.

Knowing the major food groups.

Pretty soon the casting is spot on....

Then it all comes together to bring you this

Showing the next generation the proper way to handle fish.

What ever you do don't let your 12 y/o watch TBD and eat 4 smores

that's great to see, I had a similar experience the other week with my 12 yr old son on Leech lake. we were shore fishing and I found a spot where I took four brookies on four casts over some submerged logs. He was getting discouraged as he hadn't got a bite and had taken to shore for some lunch. I called him out to take my place so I could eat and while my back was turned he had a monster crash his fly and dive below the logs. I tried to get back to him and saw his rod bending in half but I was too slow and the fish was too smart as he had wrapped the line down under the log and pulled himself free. Another fisherman on his way in from the lake said he saw the whole thing and the fish was a monster. His first great "one that got away" story to tell.


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boy thats a pretty creek! Highlights in my life involve helping kids catch their first fish (one time the kid was 5 and I was 11 boy I've been at this a while)
John, you are super Uncle for life. Thanks for sharing the pic's and story; something he will always remember.

Of course, your brother/sister may curse you in years to come for leading him astray, but you'll know better. That's what Uncles are for.;)


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John is great, He's the perfect relative, he calls his in-laws and takes them out to a nice seafood dinner every time he's in town ;)