the Norvise


The dumb kid
did anyone else chatch the norvise demo at the sportsmans show? very very interesting idea, and the automatic bobbin is good. any thoughts??

Rob Blomquist

Formerly Tight Loops
If it was Don Johnson pimping them, he loves them. And a bunch of my buddies would like one, too. But I am fine with my Renzetti, and I don't see any reason to get a fully rotatable vise, even after the show and seeing the video.

And don't think that anything they say that only a Norvise can do, can only be done on a Norvise, I've done several on my Renzetti.

As to the automatic bobbin. I want one. But I am not sure about filling them without a Norvise.

Be careful with that Norbobbin. I've got a couple that I've used for two years and now I can't tie with a standard bobbin. They are the greatest thing since sliced bread in my opinion. If you don't have the Norvise (I've got a Renzetti) an arbor is provided that can be chucked into a drill and the spools filled that way. Getting those bobbins was the best money I've spent in a long time.


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Well I picked one up but I didn't get it at the show but I didn't get the Auto bobbin but wished I had one as tying on that vise without one is pure hell. I got it for mainly tying up underbodies for woven flies. Besides I did a EHC on it and the things that you can do with that vise are amazing.


Tim Cottage

Formerly tbc1415
I think the bobbin is interesting but it adds another step in the process (filling) of just getting ready to tie. That time might be better spent on choosing and preparing materials.
The vice seems pointless if you are not a production tier although many people love them and will defend their value to the death, but most of those people are production tiers.
I am not convinced. If you already have a vice that you are satisfied with stay with it.
My two cents.



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Hey Rob,

I must admit I was a little taken aback by some of the comments you made about the NorVise. In fact, I was downright offended by your use of the phrase "pimping them" when you referred to Don Johnson (or Norm Norlander) demonstrating it. Your choice of words is demeaning to both a quality product and two very talented individuals.

The NorVise (with the Automatic Bobbin) is a complete fly tying *system*, and in the hands of a competent tyer, can quickly and easily help facilitate many tying tasks that are extremely difficult (or nearly impossible) to accomplish with other so-called rotary vises.

As to, "...don't think that anything they say that only a Norvise can do, can only be done on a Norvise, I've done several on my Renzetti." - I challenge you to dress 500 well-tied Miracle Caddis flies in 24 hours using your Renzetti.

Robb (et al), please understand it's not my intention to cause any offense...I'm just expressing my personal opinion.

Scotty Howell
aka Hywel
It takes about 15 seconds to spool 100 yards of thread onto the bobbin spools; about 30 if you use the vise to facilitate the transfer. 15 seconds divided by the number of flies that can be tied with 100 yards of thread equates to a minimal amount of expended time per fly. I think the advantages and time savings of not having to manually respool the thread when going to and from the threadpost (or bobbin rest) far outweigh the negative aspect of having to fill a spool with thread. For those that don't use the bobbin, this fact wouldn't be readily obvious. It pays to look at the whole forest sometimes and not just one sapling.

Most of the vises I have sold have not been to production tyers. In fact, production tyers have made up a very small percentage of the clientele to which I have sold product...and I move a lot of product.

The vise is far from pointless, especially if you are not a production tyer. Some of us believe it represents the epitome of the evolution of fly tying equipment (I will expound on that philosophy later if so desired). The creative avenues that can be explored with techniques made much, much easier using the functionality of the vise are, in my opinion, far more relevant than the fact that one can tie a fly faster. The company motto is "Tie Better Flies Faster" but I have always stated that "You get more vise with a Nor-Vise". It has been designed as a complete system with many complementary accessories such as the tube fly conversion, dubbing brush table, travel case, the lamp and especially the bobbin. A complete System is really two parts: the Vise and the Automatic Bobbin. If the vise is the heart, then the bobbin is the soul. Working in concert, they maximize efficiency and also lend a higher degree of consistency and quality, not to mention speed, to one's tying.

But, everyone has their beliefs and opinions and luckily enough we live in a country where we can express them freely.

As for my pimping of the system: Scotty, thanks for the defense. Rob is only joking though and he has quite a sense of humor. A couple years ago he fell asleep during one of my the front row. What a character.

Don Johnson