The Odd Quad hits the Okanogan


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Four of us got together last week and hit a few lakes in the Okanogan. We finally rallied at Glenraven, my property above Oroville. Were are an eclectic bunch with varied backgrounds and interests. But we have some similarities too, fishing and upland birds. My focus beyond fishing was to see if I could find some grouse in the forest this year, last year was miserable. I hunt with my Standard Poodle, hence my new moniker "Hunts with Poodles" or just HWP.

Scott doesn't hunt anymore, though he attends elk camp with friends, I suspect reading and tasting various liquid treats. However, he does perform duty as a cat walker, the family cat only, tethered to a leash as it were. His new moniker of course is "Cat Walker", tamer of wild felines. I give you CW...

Steve loves fishing and hunting grouse also. Fish photos of big Browns are his favorite pursuit. So driven by this that recently he landed a large Brown only to find his camera back in the truck. He raced back to the landing, grabbed his camera, and snapped the still tethered trout. Yes, he's now known as Trout Tetherer...

Ivan is smart. He rarely, if ever, divulges embarrassing personal facts about himself. So I have dubbed him "Wiser than Most".

We fished Chopaka as noted in Ive's post with modest if not disappointing results. Rick Todd and his wife Patty joined us for a few hours. CW made the best of it with chironomids, taking fish while we all watched jealously. HWP did take a few early in the morning on a Carey pattern made on Whidbey Island by TT. We flogged the lake relentlessly until we were wore out and hungry. All you could eat cod at Fat Boys was to be our ultimate reward for the day.

The next day took us to my favorite local Brookie lake. We all did much better taking brightly colored fish of various size on various flies. CW pushed through the weeds to an open shallow and proceeded to sight fish with dries. I watched long enough and finally joined him. My one catch on a dry was a splashy affair with a bit of dragging through the weeds. WTM left us around noon to head home to his bride and a soak in the hot tub. He had several days before at other lakes and was fairly worn out. So good to spend time with our senior member.

TT and CW headed out the following day leaving me alone at the ranch. I took the opportunity to chase some birds. TT and I hit the woods earlier in the morning where I took my second bird of the season. I missed having my trusty Poodle with me. Later in the day I brought the daily total to 3, with one large male Ruff.

The next afternoon I managed to hit Aeneas and was treated to a fair amount of raucous rainbows. The story of the lake's demise are largely overblown. One needs to use the right method which for me was again a Carey pattern on a Rio Deep 7 line. The fish responded to a fast trolling or stripping better than a slow pace. Varying the pace was key to finding what worked. Two fellows were heading back in as I put in and their comment was the day had been "slow". 8-10 fish in a few hours was not slow for me.

Tuesday I was literally blown out of town and headed west for home. Time spent with the Odd Quad was just what I needed. Good times that I look forward to sharing again...soon.

Rick Todd

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Nice report Roper. One of the highlights for me is how you came by the "Roper" moniker-great story! I'm certainly surprised that Scott would mention taking the family cat for a walk! (such an unmacho thing to do Scott!) Rick


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I love giving nick names to the "crew" it's always a fun thing to do. Love grouse hunting, but with a poodle ;-)~ I have heard they do very well as hunting dogs just wouldn't want to brush them after a pheasant hunt.

I'm leaving next week for my fall eastern trip and look forward to large rainbows and cold crisp nights! You guy's look like a group I would call the "old codgers" this handle only goes to groups of older good fisherpeople - not the wannabe's. I'm getting that age where I'm sure some young lad will be calling me "old codger" very soon if not already.

great report HWP.

Jeff Dodd

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As a kid my Grandfather reminded me "Don't wish your life away". So I will simply comment that....
This is exactly what I want to do when I grow up!

Great post Roper!
"Humps with Poodles"???????:eek:
Oh, wait, he said Hunts..........never mind. I got it mixed up with the yellow lab joke.:D

Great report Rick, even if you did air out all our dirty laundry. I'll have to add my two cents worth as well. The fishing with WTM the day before heading to HWP's place was stellar. Not huge numbers, but huge fish. Had only one fish that was less than 20". We had come in for lunch and I noticed that there were lots of grasshoppers along the shore and in the bushes. I mentioned this to WTM and he said, "You'd think they have to fall in the water once in a while." That's why he's called WTM. So I tied a foam hopper pattern on my floating line and was able to pick up two out of the five slups I got right next to the grassy shore. Biggest one was 23" (see pic below). The highlight of the trip; although the fishing was great; was the chow. The evening we all arrived at HWP's place we had grilled steaks, various homemade side dishes and a good selection of ales. Not to forget the homemade cinnamon rolls in the morning. I hit Aeneas on the way to "base camp" for an hour before the wind picked up and scored a couple nice ones on the rarely used Camo Carey. One being the 19" brown that got me my scandalous nickname (see pic below). Catching brookies on dries was a blast and a big thanks to CW for getting that dialed in for us. Chopaka was fun (except the drive up & down) had 5 or 6 deep on a sinking line and was able to get several near the weeds on my newly tied Quarterback Nymph. WTM showed me how to tie a Halfback nymph but because mine looked only half as nice as his I dubbed them the quarterback. Rick Todd and his wife joined us for a bit on Chopaka and gave me a tip on a lake to try on my way through Winthrop and it payed off big. Strong fighting fish and had the place all to myself. Was able to go 1 for 4 on grouse the next morning as well. All in all a much needed diversion with great folks.

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Fish like that are well worth the travel to me. I will be leaving monday for A 350 mile pig rainbow hunt - great pics, that first one is a pig!


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Ivan and Steve - seriously great job at that first lake! Ira and I only gave it a half-hearted effort and did not connect the dots. I'll be back there in March . . .