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Discussion in 'Steelhead' started by Broderick Smith, Jan 18, 2013.

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    I have next weekend checked off to go tromp around on the Peninsula...going to explore some new areas.
    Has anyone hiked up the Hoh and camped/fished up around that area this time of year...? If so love to hear some thoughts. Hoping for some early boys that shot up high...
    Or we might go explore even different water. PM me if you'd rather. Thx
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    The Hoh is running low at around 1600 cfs right now. It has been very cold at night here, and warmer and milder, during the days. And we have had a near record period of dry, high pressure ridge atmosphere on our coast. By mid week we should see some warming and rain. The freezing levels, at lower altitudes in the mountains, should buffer the impacts of this to some degree. So how next weekend will shape up is not entirely clear. But from the forecasts we should see an increase in flows. We just don't know how much yet.
    A tool I find helpful in trip planning here: Study that every day.

    Fishing the upper Hoh today was beautiful. The morning was crisp and cold, the flows jade green, the rising sun warmed us all morning and through the day. By mid day we were enjoying pink cheeked, blue bird weather, and we were peeling off extra thermal layers and switching from winter hats to ball caps. Superimposed upon the brilliant blue sky was an ever evolving, intricately intriguing display of cloud forms. We fished into a deeply beautiful, subtly illuminated sunset of orange and white hues on an impossibly blue, fading into an eternally ruddy dusk. Two young friends who I have not seen a in a long while spent the last week camped out up there, spending their days working upriver and down. They caught some nice Bull Trout, a few steelhead, and one was easily 36 inches and bright.

    So next weekend is a week away. And we should see these low water, milder conditions, hold through the next four days or so. Then it may warm briefly, and we'll get some rain. Right now my sense is that could create some good flows to move fish upriver. But a week is a long time away for winter forecasting here. Things have a way of changing daily, even hourly. It just depends upon how warm it gets, at what altitudes, and how much rain we get. If I were you I would be fishing it. And trust your intuition. I share more on this on my blog:
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    Bob do you work at waters west? ....I just read your blog and would be very interested in hooking up for a trip...i like your style and would also be very interested in the salt chase...
    I'm on my apple and haven't figured out how to make the email thing work..Lol..sad huh?
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    The way I see it, the nets are in all week. Those fish don't stand a chance of making it past them at these flows.
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  5. Makes me so pissed hearing this shit
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    Bill Shakespear over here.....

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