The post party apres party

Ed Call

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That guy standing in the back is from the local spey mafia. I know this to be true. Was he fleecing you for wiskey and cigars? Classic move on his part.


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Yes, he is indeed Black Market Bill. He scared a couple young girls and their mother away when he saw them walking near the materials wall.


Bob Jones

Still truckless now farther away
That was his excuse to go over there himself. Did you check your inventory after Bill left.? He probably was there to handout his card. LOL

Ed Call

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Is he still dealing six hackle feather packs to the chicas in the parking lot to keep them from coming inside? That is cold.

Mark Walker

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Conjures up the image of hazy, cigar smoke filled, dimly lit corners of the fly shop and some shadowed husky voice uttering, "Pssst, leetle girl, you and your seester like some nice vigin hackle?"