The Streak comes to an end!

Rob Blomquist

Formerly Tight Loops
I took today off (its my birthday!) and headed up to the north fork of the
Stilly for a little fishin'.

I kicked off my day fishing at the "Elbow Hole" (I use quotes as the
river is not the same as it was before the Deer Creek Slide when the Elbow
Hole was named). I fished through the pool with a Purple Peril on a dry line
to no avail. Just yesterday, I was talking to a buddy that just caught an
obscene number of fish in the Sky on Saturday (like 2 steelies, and 6 bull
trout) and he suggested that after fishing a deep pool or run for steelies, I
ought to take a pass with a sinking line and a bead head bugger for bulls.

So I did. And on my first cast with this rig I hooked up. About a 10 minute
grunting fight later I landed a beautiful 25" native hen steelie! I took a
picture and let her take off.

So after 2 years of trying to catch a steelie on the fly, I succeed. And it
was in 1975 when I took my first steelie on the fly in the original Elbow

Not a bad way to spend my birthday. I think I need to make this an annual


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So after fishing the surface, you went to a sink tip with a bead head wooly bugger and caught the Steelie?? I will have to try that this coming weekend. What color, size, ect.. was the BH wooly and how deep was your line, if you dont mind me asking?? Are you gonna post the pic? Im extremely envious. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, 25th right?? :THUMBSUP


Rob Blomquist

Formerly Tight Loops
I was using a home tied bugger, olive with olive grizzly in a size 6. These buggers had flash tails, where the holo flashabou stuck back about 1/2" behind the marabou tail.

I wasn't picky about the color, I chose based on the bead. I used a 9' 3x leader on a type 2 sink tip. I was casting upstream to help the fly to sink in the run.

Quite frankly, I don't know if it were the tail or the depth or the size of the bugger. But heck a steelie to hand, beats 2 in the river.

And unfortunaly, its not my 25th, its my 41st.
Genetic pollution damages wild
stocks, bonk those Hatchery Zombies!