Pattern The Techno-Wog Demystified


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At the urging of another member, I present the Techno-Wog variant.

Materials are as follows:
Hook: Tiemco 8089NP sz6
Thread: Danville 210 denier flat waxed nylon, pink
Tail: McFly yarn, 2 strands, flame
Body: "Funky Foam Fun" 3mm closed cell foam, pink
Cement: Zap-A-Gap (for tacking foam), Sally Hansen Hard as Nails

Cut 2 strips of foam 3"x3/16", one strip 1 1/2"x7/16". Separate and cut 2 strands of yarn 1 1/2".

Underwrap if desired, then wrap in yarn tail securely.

Place one drop of zap-a-gap on wraps, then press the two longer strips together on either side of wraps, with 1/4" of foam extending past threadline towards the hookeye.

Wrap foam securely in place, taking care not to cut it with excessive thread tension.

Place the short, fat strip of foam on top of the fly, again with 1/4" of foam extending past threadline towards the hookeye.

Wrap 3 times loosely, then increase tension slowly. Unwrap 2 wraps under tension, then rewrap as slack is taken out.

Cross out of materials and wrap the hook forward, stopping 1/4" from eye.

Place one drop of zap-a-gap on hook at terminus of thread (threadline).

Fold the long strips forward under slight tension, creating a bow in the foam.

Press the two pieces together and wrap 3 times.

Loop the pieces back to form "horns" on either side of the hookeye and "wings" behind the wraps, and wrap 3 times.

Fold the short strip forward under slight tension on top of the long strips to create a "hump"at the back of the fly and a "bill" at the front, then wrap as at the rear.

Cross out of material, then whip finish at eye of hook.

The wrapping of foam is a delicate art...foam is easily cut under tension. The "wrap and relax" method is a pretty good way to avoid this. Don't worry if the foam spins slightly on the hook...zap a gap it down, or underwrap the hook, and you will have a good fly.