The theology of fly fishing......

Bradley Miller

Dances with fish
I arrived early on the beach to an incoming tide; lots of beach structure. Lots of current movement: eddies, riffs, pools, waves, rips. Hopeful signs. Seals in the near distance watching me fish. Birds in the far distance working a school. Early morning sun washing over the beach, the water, the waves. I couldn't see them, but I know they are out there. I know they are swimming, moving, thriving. But they weren't biting anything I presented. And so I had lots of time (since I was casting but not catching fish....) to contemplate. Some. And it dawned on me: The apostle Paul must have been a fly fisherman. He wrote something about faith. And what it is. Something about faith being the substance of things hoped for. And the evidence of things unseen. So obviously, he fished. The Bible doesn't say he was a fisherman, I don't think, but it looks clear. I hope. :)
Tomorrow, I will fish. For things unseen. And hope for the best.