The Tilton

I like fishing this river, but have a question. As you go towards Onalaska the river crosses a bridge. Is there acsess above that bridge? The road goes away form the Tilton. I have driven all over but have not found the river.

Jerry Daschofsky

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Are you talking towards Onalaska from I-5 or from Morton? Makes a big difference. There's access all over on that river, you just have to hunt for it. Been fishing it for years, great little river.

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Hmmm. Now that's an impressive river - it actually crosses a bridge?? :WINK

The Tilton is a nice little river with plenty of access and lots of pressure. Fortunatley (?) it is one of the few westside rivers that they still stock with lots of nice sized fish (mainly cutthroat and rainbows).

I'm not sure what bridge you are referring to (I lived in Onalaska about 10 to 12 years ago). But here's a tip if you're in the area. There's a brigde that crosses Bear Creek (i think that's the name). This little creek runs into the tilton. I once bushwacked my way down that little creek catching wild 6 inch trout on the way to the Tilton. At the confluence, I was quickly into a 12in and a 14in wild cutthroat (not like the stockers upstream by morton). This may be an area worth exploring.

Good luck!
From Morton

I know there is alot of access, but once I have driven accross the brige I have not been able to get back on the river, and I have spent time trying to do so.
Thanks Chad

I will give that a try. You are right. It would be amazing if the river did cross a bridge. I would like to see part of the Tilton made " catch and release". I have noticed it seems to have a better supply of food then most westside rivers, and I have caught and seen some decent size fish in it, although I was not aware that it still receives "plants".


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If you check the WDFW site for stocking info, you'll see that the Tilton and the Skate get 15,000 8-12 inch RB planted from May to Sept. I also remember seeing occasional plants of 1.5 lb cutthroat and maybe even browns. I'd have to look through the archives to be sure.