The Wild Steelhead Coalition's Awards Banquet and Auction UPDATE

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    Dear Wild Steelhead Advocate,

    We are proud to announce that the 2008 Wild Steelhead Coalition Conservation Award is presented to Frank Moore. The Wild Steelhead Coalition "Conservation Award" is presented to an individual or group that, through their actions and/or accomplishments, have made significant and noteworthy contributions to the protection and propagation of wild steelhead.

    Frank is recognized for his lifetime of wild steelhead advocacy, cumulative work for wild steelhead and conservation ethic as "every angler's" example to follow.

    Join us at the Wild Steelhead Coalition’s Awards Banquet and Fundraiser on March 1, 2008 at the Marriot at Redmond Town Center to honor and thank Frank for his lifetime of steelhead advocacy.

    Rich Simms

    Also attached is an updated flyer regarding the dinner and auction.

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