The Woods REALLY DO Have Eyes!!!!

I whole heartedly agree Richard, lying is a slippery slope, but I felt like people were focusing on a negative issue and not the positive lesson to be learned from this story, true or not.
It is true you guys! Why the hell would I make this up and post it on a fly fishing site of all places?

Nick Riggs

I've been known to fish from time to time...
"Even if it is a lie it's a lie worth telling if it gets people to" invade Iraq and depose a dictator who won't give us favorable oil contracts.
Richard, there's really no need to open that can of worms unless you actually want to eat them. I don't think anyone else is gonna bite. :p

Yeah, jesus, why do some people turn EVERYTHING into a half-ass excuse to bash the Bush administration. I can hardly think of another topic on this board that could have less to do with how 'Stalin and Bush are so alike'. I'm so sick of that popping into conversations that it has nothing to do with. This is a FLY FISHING forum.