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    Litespeed IV. Speedster. Even the mighty Vanquish. All on sale. . As one of Lamson's top dealers, we get exclusive access to deals that no one else can get. Act now to get 2014 reels at a fraction of retail prices.

    What's a factory second?

    Lamson builds fly reels to exacting standards. Sometimes in the process of building a great reel, things don't go perfectly. Accidents happen. Each of these reels has some sort of imperfection. It could be a small scratch, dent, ding, anodizing problem, etc. On most of the reels, we couldn't actually see the imperfection, if we could find it, you'll see a photo of it.

    Every factory 2nd reel is covered by Lamson's Lifetime Warranty - the same warranty you get with a brand new reel.
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