Thin mint leech

Willie Bodger

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Ok, I've looked around for this pattern, but haven't found it anywhere. Would anybody tell me the basics of this fly? Oh and is a double bunny just a bunny strip tail and then wrapped bunny up toward the head?

It's basically a wooly bugger. The tail is olive, brown, and black marabou. The body is peacock herl w/ brown saddle hackle palmered through it.

Scott Behn

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No willy a double bunny is two rabbit strips tied the full length of the hook with the remaining portion used as the tail. I put a hole in the hide of the lower strip then tie it just behind where the head of my fly is going to be. I take the other strip and tie it in the same spot and then epoxy both strips together, some folks put a few wraps of thread at a tail tie location, I don't.
Now at the head location tie in a few pearl flashabou pieces on each side for a lateral line, make a neat thread head. Last glue on 2 doll eyes and enjoy!!!!!

I'll have to check, but I think I still have a double bunny in my gallery.


Edit: Here are a few pictures of one of mine...The lateral lines didn't show up like I thought they would, sorry!!!