This thread has happened before...

What the @#!*% is a spey fisherman guy's? Or rather should i ask (yet again) what is it they DO that's different than a "non-spey" type?...
Basically, a guy that spends more money on his equipment, and typically catches less fish. However, they are fishing for steelhead the right way.
Thanks Evan. I knew someone would come through for me. Funny how a guy can fly fish for more than 29 years and never heard that word anywhere but here, and I fished in some Loch's and 200 yr old Reservoirs of England and Scotland over a 3 year period!!!

I fish the salt with my 10'2" English rod but I don't use both hands except at the end of a long day and I can go pretty far with it. But for some reason I've never heard that word until i came here.

I know MANY MANY prick sumbicch fly fishers over in the UK that no matter what you fish you're trash if you're not in their club. It was hard getting used to that.

95% of all British waterways are private owned land.
And I'm NOT a goddamn Troll! Maybe if this were a chevy forum I'd be a troll screwing with the morons, but I consider this a favorite place adn don't normally screw with places like this.
Take it easy koolmix, Charles is just mess'n with ya. I actually thought you were talking about etiquette not literally "what is spey fishing". I would of answered your question, but I don't know what I'm talking about half of t...most of the time.

Charles Sullivan

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For the sake of honesty, I really thought that you were a troll. The answer is just a google search away. I had no idea someone would ask a question like that twice.

Go Sox,
I'm more like a Hobbit, but thanks, The reason I asked is that sometimes Wikipedia is simply misinformation. And I wanted to hear it from you guys.

But, like I said, my uncle took me fishing 30 years ago next month. He said you wanna go fly fishing with me up Huntington Canyon? I said YEP!

So, he took me, Showed me how to cast a fly rod and line for about 2 minutes and then walked away...

On my second cast (only about 20 feet away from me in a smallish river in Utah, I caught a 22" Brown trout and Landed it, and have been fly fishing ever since and every chance I get (which isn't often)!

I am so naive about everything verbalized in the fly world even after all these years, that to me a fly is a fly and fly line is fly line. I don't use ANY of my fly stuff properly I'm sure...

But I don't care, I simply go and fish and either catch something or I don't. I have no clue what a clouster is becasue a fly is a fly to me, even though I hear it all the time reading here, I can't tell one fly from another to my embarrassment, and it really don't matter because I fish to fish and fish to live and most often fish to eat...

I'm very ignorant of the terms you fella's use here, but I fish with fly rods older than even the Grumpy old bastard, and still manage to catch fish. I even caught one Pink 2 years ago with 'Mumbles' or something... I think... (the only guy I met from WFF) and I love reading the stories and seeing the beautiful fish and the wonderful anecdotes and the rants. It's all good.

I don't even mind being called a troll (except I aint one) because I am not a fella that posts often and nobody really knows me, so I get it.

But my heart is all fly fishin! I've caught Bass, Catfish, Crappie, every known species in Nebraska except Gar, on my fly rod...

And I hope my questions don't cause any further ruckus. :) Because if I ask a Q it's normally genuine. I use smiles to show when I'm kidding.

I'm not whining(I hope), just splaining my reasoning for asking.

Ian Broadie

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Just because I am awesome I decided to go wandering around the Sky yesterday with a Double Hander, Single Hander, and a gear rod at the same time in a futile attempt to catch coho.