This was fun too....

Hired a guide and went trout fishing on a cold, rainy day in March on a central WA river. Launched the Hyde drift boat at a popular spot located above a canyon... Fished HARD for an hour and a half, and nothing.... not even the slightest wiggle. Then finally, the "trapped air" technology man made plastic floating device disappeared from sight. A fish? Raise the rod tip, dummy. This is what you have been waiting for.
This was the result... Incidental Steel....
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Keep fishing until about 5pm in the rain, cold and sometimes windy conditions. Oops, the floating device went under several more times.....
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It was a pretty good day.

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No, make that an awesome day! Thanks to Johnnny Boitano at Troutwater Fly Shop and Guide Service.

I hope to have a couple of more pics to add. Did not get the photo of the big boy rainbow yet.

I apologize for the plagiarism, Mumbles. I like your writing style.

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"trout fishing on a cold, rainy day in March on a central WA river" with "Johnnny Boitano at Troutwater Fly Shop and Guide Service." Excellent obfuscation! Lets see, what would be open for trout in March in Central Washington? Good that you got it before it blew out.


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Tell me the name of this secret steelhead stream! Beauty steely. One in a frickin' million. Caught a royal skunking there a couple weeks ago. Glad you found 'em.