Thomas & Thomas "Special Dry Fly" Information


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I can't seem to find much information on this rod. Any one know anything about them? This one I'm looking at has a down locking reel seat with slide ring. It's a beautiful rod that I would appreciate knowing more about.

Approximate year of manufacturer?
Original retail price?
Estimate of value?
Anyone interested in buying it?
Etc etc.



My name is Mark Oberg
I've owned a couple of these old T&T rods what number is it. Does it have the gold raps. I made the mistake fishing my #369 it fished fine till I tried to untangle the tip and snap. Very cool rods.

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I actually don't own this rod but know where one is available for purchase. I got some good info on this rod from another forum I posted the same question on today. Seriously, if anyone is interested in buying it I will point you in their direction.

Thanks for the responses.