Thoughts on the Death Star

I love mine. I had others but got rid of them in favor of the TCX. The 7126 is nicknamed the Death Star, in case you hadn't heard that. They are awesome.

Ian Broadie

Flyfishing is so "Metal"
I was all set to get one about 2 years ago and then I found my Meiser which derailed that idea... Sean has worlds more experience with it than I do but what sold me on it was casting the Nextcast Fall Favorite 45 6/7 which is about as money a dry line as you can get for the rod.

It is not a forgiving rod for novice casters and as Sean says it's easy to come off track on a sustained anchor cast if one does not apply power correctly.


I've fished the Death Star a few times and would definitely agree with everything Mr. Beauchamp has to say. It is a great rod. That being said, I say the 12'3" Winston is a better rod. IMHO it was a bit more forgiving than the Death Star, and a fair bit lighter. Both rods do very well with modern shooting heads in similar grain ranges. Can't go wrong with either, but for $500, get the Death Star.

Ian Broadie

Flyfishing is so "Metal"
I got two of those. Never once called them "Death Star". Seriously?
I haven't either and the way I understand things is that the 8124 is a predecessor to the TCX 7126. Also if I am correct it was George Cook who first coined the term "Death Star" for the TCX 7126 because he liked it so much.

The TCX 7126 really is a fantastic rod and if I did not have my Sage 8124 and my MKS 7136 I would be all "I have you now" to the Death Star.... minus the getting spun off in to space because my wing man was just greased by Han Solo.
I had the TCX 7126 and sold it after a couple moths. Too quick and crispy for me.

I highly reccomend the 7125-3 Burkheimer. :) It has just the right amount of mellow and is truly a 7wt.