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I have not been impressed with UNI or UTC. I don't want to spend an arm and a leg but I am willing to pay a little extra for better quality. What are your opinions of the different threads out? Also is it worth it to buy waxed thread from the start? How about floss? Same question.
I use mostly danville, some UTC, and i recently tried veevus. All are good for different applications.
I rarely use UNI because the strands of 6/0 are too wide, and dont uncoil to flat. Danville and UTC will go flat. sometimes i'll use 8

Part of the problem is not necessarily the thread, but more often than not, the user

Exceptional thread control is key for quality usage. If you dont treat the thread well, it will break. If you dont unwind it periodically, it will supercoil, if you catch the barb/point of the hook, it will break.

are you using fixed bobbins or tension adjustable bobbins?


I've used Benecchi thread for years and recently trying Veevus. I think 12/0 is the reasonable max for both. I bought some 14/0 Veevus and it breaks very easily. I've never had a problem with 12/0 Benecchi breaking... pretty tough stuff.

Thomas Williams

Habitual Line Stepper
I'm using a fixed bobbin and the thread breaks often. I'm pretty good at not nicking the point. I was expecting to hear that the thread isn't as good as Im hearing but such is not the case. I may reevaluate the amount of pressure I'm applying. Just seems like if I lighten the the wraps they won't be tight enough. I'll experiment with some new thread as well as the amount of pressure applied.

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I've found that in a fixed bobbin, danville flymaster thread will stretch, uni, not so much (not sure about UTC, but can try it out tonight).
You have to manipulate the bobbin so that you can find the sweet spot for tension to hold the spool tight, but not so tight that when you pull it, the thread will break.
Another thing, dont pull thread out when the bobbin is perpendicular to the thread (i.e. as you are winding), as this creates extra tension in another direction on the thread...always pull the thread out vertically through the bobbin
short of that, invest $20 in a rite bobbin and use it for a while, you'll find that if you go back to a fixed bobbin, you'll have better thread control.
I've used Benecchi thread for years and recently trying Veevus. I think 12/0 is the reasonable max for both. I bought some 14/0 Veevus and it breaks very easily. I've never had a problem with 12/0 Benecchi breaking... pretty tough stuff.

i used 14/0 veevus to tie salmon flies, and found it virtually unbreakable.....but i was using a rite bobbin, and even then i really had to hold the bobbin tight and pull hard to break the thread....


I'm not sure why I was having a problem with the Veevus breaking. I've noticed that sometimes there is a quality difference between one spool and the other and between colors. I certainly didn't toss out the thread but was surprised it broke when it did. The Benecchi has never broken while tying a fly.
I use uni for everything except ASF's due to the fact it won't unwind and lie flat and have never had a problem with it breaking. I usually use 6/0 for #8 and larger and #8/0 for anything smaller, I have Griffin 14/0 but seldom use it even on smaller than #20. I probably should try some of these other threads but haven't found the need. Make sure your bobbin isn't nicking the thread, it's a common problem on less expensive and non ceramic bobbins. The bobbin issue and tension could be the problem, I'd start there. good luck.


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I use a new disc drag bobbin to adjust the tension... perhaps I had the drag cranked down too much... it wouldn't be the first time I've had a problem with a drag cranked down too much.

The disc drag bobbins have a carbide steel bushing at the tube outlet so they don't groove. Most likely user error caused the thread to break.
I've been using Danville 6/0 (70 denier) waxed thread for 40+ years without a problem. I also use some Gordon Griffiths Sheer in 14/0 and tie all of my wet flies with Pearsall's silk. My tying mentor told me to find some thread I really liked, get used to tying with it and stick to it. I've pretty much done that. For the Danville's threads I use a Nor Bobbin, for the Gordon Griffiths I use a Rite Bobbin and for the Pearsall's I use a small bobbin made by Wasatch that fits the small spools perfectly.

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are you using fixed bobbins or tension adjustable bobbins?
I'm a fixed bobbin user and have been for years. But I remember the days of running enough thread off the spool and having the tension being a snap clothes pin on the end of the line. Most threads then weren't fine as they were small rod winding threads of the letter designations.

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For general trout fly tying I typically use Bennicchi or Gordon Griffith's. I haven't tried Veevus because I am happy with the other two. Twice I have had spools of Gordon Griffith's that were from a bad batch. They broke way too easy and I am used to 12/0 and 14/0 threads so it wasn't operator error. I called the retailer I bought them from and they replaced them without question. I would buy either one again without hesitation.

As for waxed or unwaxed thread I just don't care. If I want wax I'll use my own wax. What I want most from a thread is reasonable strength, and the ability to flatten easily. I don't feel the need to have the very strongest possible thread in the thinnest possible size. 8/0 & 12/0 are thin enough for everything I tie.

I really like using Gudebrod 6/0, 125 denier. Its like using 8/0 from many other companies. Great thread, its strong and flattens like a dream. Unfortunately it is discontinued. I wish I could find a few spools, I'm on my last one.