Throwing rocks at steelhead.

Personally, I have more respect for this species of fish than to resort to throwing rocks at them (or in a pool, run, etc. in which they are holding) in some lame attempt to create a condition in which they might potentially go on the bite.




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To much work throwing rocks. I just run over the top of them a couple times with the sled before pulling in and swinging.
There was a small stream that had a pretty good run of steel head and we would just wade right on in and catch'em by hand.
We called it Grizzly bear'in.
I have not found a need to throw rocks at them. I send my dad in after them. I'll usually have him make a lot of commotion. Once he has made enough commotion I'll usually hook into one.

Bob Jones

Still truckless now farther away
I'll take a picture if I land one and I don't need to make them move into the picture until then. I think part of the secret is the step ladder to get a better shot with out the refraction of the light. I don't plan to carry the step ladder so I don't need the rocks. I don't need to uphold my reputation as a fisherman anyway. How many takes of one fish do you need anyway? He should have hired a stand in that didn't object to rock throwing, or that was better trained to follow the script. I fish for fun not for publicity anyway.