Time to warm your bones: Kona mahimahi and marlin report..and Mingo's aquarium part 7

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Time to warm your bones: Kona mahimahi and marlin report..and Mingo's aquarium pa

Where's the pic of the 10+ lb bone? ;)

Nice one as always!


the Menehune stole my beer
Time to warm your bones: Kona mahimahi and marlin report..and Mingo's aquarium pa

Homey, outdid your self on this report! I can't believe you guys caught all those pelagic fish; I know of so many people that go out and get . . . nothing. No yellowfin, no mahi mahi, no jacks, no nothing.

Great report!
Thanks man........this was a pretty decent day.....but shit, we've all spent lots of cash for skunk trips with no fish before eh?

Makalawena Beach?
Yep, good eyes! That beach is gorgeous.........and worth the hassle of getting to it. Once you finally hit the end of the trail, that first beer is mighty tasty......

... Mingo will probably admit, like many of us have to, that he married "above his average" ... much like those wrasse fight "above their weight" ...
:rofl: very true. I readily admit that.

Hey Mingo,Thanks for the post. Great pics!
Could you share a half-dozen or so flies you would have in your box for Hawaiian reef fish? I'm sure I would not pack a pink scud before reading your post. I'll be in Napili this spring and would enjoy learning the reef fishery.
Borski sliders in 6, 4 and 2...even 1/0 if you tie your own because those will attract trevally, larger goatfish and bones. They look like lizardfish and various shrimps. They get crushed. BoneJovis in smaller sizes. Clear, chartreuse and Pink sparkle estaz flies with tiny beadheads. Tan, pale pink and orange beadhead Scuds in 12 and 10 (too small and you hook too many sergeant majors). Black bunny leeches and woolly buggers..they look like the Jumping Jacks that everything on the reef scarfs down like popcorn. But really any small shrimpy looking fly will work. Small bonefish flies like Charlies and Scampis in tan....best to stick with neutral colors. Just keep visual contact with your fly. If you think something is breathing on it, give it a quick strip set. Reef fish can be ridiculously hard to hook depending on the time of day , their mood, how many beers I've had.......it's fishing, just in a much warmer place. I like 3, 4 and 5 wts for close-in reef work, 5s, 6s and 7s on reef edges but if you are where barracuda, trevally or bones might lurk, you can't go wrong with an 8.

Outstanding. I love to see the little guys you work off the reef just as much as the big ones. You caught no needle or trumpet fish right? How would they change the drinking game?
Thanks Boot. I love chasing everything that will bite, but those funky colored reef critters get under your skin. There are dozens and dozens of species I have yet to catch. Some of them are a fluke, like a herbivore that hits a shrimp pattern out of curiosity .......but fluke situations happen often enough to not surprise me any more and they confirm that you really never know what will hit. heh, I use the smaller needlefish to stir my drinks...and Magwa won the contest two years ago with a huge trumpet fish! No species or size restrictions make for a wacky and at times bizarre competition. Even lizardfish count, but causing your buddies to fork over $8 for a cocktail after you catch a damn lizardfish will make them call you all kinds of names :rofl:

Thanks for the nice words people.
Time to warm your bones: Kona mahimahi and marlin report..and Mingo's aquarium pa

I'm with Scott... what flys do you suggest? We only use Crazy Charlie type flys for the bonefish... or an occasional streamer for the GT. Never tried the reef fish. Looks like fun.