Too many spey choices

Paul Huffman

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It's so crummy that all problems can't be this delectable. The new wife said I should get a spey rod for my birthday. But the action/length/line weight/line type/sections multidimensional array troubles my wit. A friend of hers wants to build me the rod, so potentially I have even more specifications to select than if I were just picking one model off the rack. With this many choices, how can you stop at just one rod?

Adding to my dilemma is that I've never actually tried any spey casting. I pursue steelhead in the Klickitat and Northern Oregon rivers with an 8 wt. single handed. A minor consideration is that I have a neglected 7 wt. triangle taper in the closest. I looked through the archives on this forum and reviewed many helpful threads. Many have said you just have to try some to find out your individual preferences. So, where's the next and nearest (to Yakima) clinics with demos so I can get an idea of what I would like? Carnation on Saturday?

Matt Burke

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Carnation on Saturday with Aaron is your only hope. Long drive, but when your talking about a major purchase, no drive is long enough. You will want to make several trips too, unless you can find someone closer to the Yak that is willing to let you try their rods.

Matt Burke

Steve Buckner

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I have to agree with Matt. Spending time evaluating rods is time well spent. Slower, soft action rods are generally good options because one can feel them load. The Sage 9150 is a pretty good choice, as is the Sage 7136 if you're looking for more of a summer fish rod.

Spey casting does take time to become proficient at and it is going to take instruction and practice time.

Another good resource for Spey will be the Spey Clave on the Sandy river which is coming up May 15-16. Check out for the date. It is a must attend event for those interested in spey casting and rods. All of the manufacturers will be there so it provides an excellent opportunity to try out different lines and rods as well as get instruction.

Steve Buckner

Jerry Daschofsky

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Hey, email me and I can give you the scoop on someone closer to you who can possibly help you out. Very knowledgeable spey guy (has only spey fished his whole life, which is around 50-60 years). Friends of mine and Aarons'. Would be closer to hook up with him. Plus, he has a spey collection like no other (especially for being a non shop).

I would say if you're closer, Aaron is the man for sure. I know I've learned a hell of alot just talking to him. But for you, seeing Aaron and mines buddy in Oregon may be a better fix. Then, once you decide on what you want to get, can call Aaron to set you up with the tackle. :D